“TROPICAL” VIGOREPT – Vitamin-mineral supplement with beta-glucan for reptiles, tin 150ml / 85g(2PK)


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Vitamin-mineral supplement with beta-glucan for reptiles

No reptile enthusiast is able to provide its pet with food equally rich in minerals and vitamins as the one they eat in their natural habitat. It is usually impossible to get plants or animals typical of the area where the reptiles come from. They must be fed with substitutes which do not always meet their demand for nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. Another problem is reptiles’ access to the rays of sunshine, which not only provide life-giving heat, but also facilitates the production of vitamin D3 that regulates calcium-phosphorus metabolism. The poor quality of light in terraria and inappropriate time of exposure sometimes may inhibit the production of vitamin D3. Therefore, supplementation of diet with essential vitamins and trace element is so important.

And that is also why we have developed VIGOREPT – an innovative vitamin-mineral preparation with the addition of beta-glucan. The powder easily sticks to the food, including the insects, which makes application very easy. If used regularly, it ensures proper growth and development of reptiles, prevents shell deformations and other dangerous effects of calcium and phosphorus deficiency. Vitamin D3 regulates calcium-phosphorus metabolism. The remaining vitamins present in VIGOREPT ensure excellent condition and positively affect the skin, especially during moulting period. Natural immune stimulator – beta-glucan stimulates the immunity system, increases the resistance to diseases and ability to fight infections.

Application: a half of the teaspoon per 100 g of food once a week. When nutritional requirements are higher (growth stage, breeding period) or when reptiles undergo medical treatment VIGOREPT should be applied twice a week.

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Vitamin-mineral supplement with beta-glucan for reptiles.


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